Energy Healing
& Life Coaching

Release doubts & fears to reveal
the magic of who you truly are.

Release Anxiety
& Self Doubt

Reconnect with
Your Inner Radiance

Make Every
Day Magical

Do you...

  • Doubt yourself and feel disconnected from your intuition when making decisions?
  • Feel like you are not good enough and find it hard to quiet the critical voice in your head?
  • Get frustrated easily and snap at your loved ones, even though you don't want to?
  • Prioritise everyone else's needs over your own to the point that you don't even know yourself anymore?
  • Feel like you are meant for something more, but fear holds you back from taking the bold steps towards it?

 You are worthy of experiencing the magic of your innate radiance.

Heya I'm Claire,

It's a delight to have you here. I've personally experienced what it's like to feel trapped in self doubt and anxiety that I'd completely lost touch with myself.

My spiritual journey has been the number one thing that has been the key to shifting out of my self imposed limitations and into  the radiance of my true self.

In 2008 I became certified as a Transformational Life Coach and since then I've supported thousands of women around the world to release their blocks and manifest their desires. 

Book a 15 minute Rejuvenate Call with me, to spark your inner radiance.


Here's how I can support you

Spiritual Life Coaching

A three month intimate journey that will support you to leave behind all your limitations and confidently create the life you desire.


Energy Healing Session

These sessions are perfect if you are needing to overcome a specific block and realign with your true self to confidently move forward.


"Claire is a delight to work with! In the very first session she helped me see clearly who I know myself to be as a soul and how to bring more power, authenticity and sensuality into my life and work."

Sharanagati, USA

"Claire is a well resourced and competent coach. She skilfully journeys with her clients into their blocks and habits and supports them to transform their lives and awaken to their beauty, naturally and easily from the inside out."

Christine, New Zealand